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Restaurant Review of Zookeeper Bistro in Cashiers, North Carolina

On our recent family trip to Highlands, North Carolina, we stopped in a little town called Cashiers along the way. It was a small town but very quaint and friendly. After browsing in an antique store and a farmer’s market, we decided to have a late lunch at the Zookeeper Bistro.

The restaurant was small and charming, with custom artwork displayed on the walls. The lunch menu was mainly different soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Herb got the Roasted Turkey Panini, which had apples and cranberry mayonnaise on it. He described it as delicious, and after tasting it, I agreed. The french fries were excellent as well! Everyone in my family thought so.

Mom and Nana both got the soup of the day, which was chicken vegetable noodle soup. Nana got salad with hers, and Mom got half of a turkey and cheddar club sandwich with hers. Mom and Nana both really liked the soup, and Mom said her sandwich was very good with fresh, soft bread and piled high with turkey. The only complaint was from Nana, who said her salad wasn’t very good. She described it as “musty”. I tasted it and I have to agree that the salad seemed a bit stale.

Dad and I ordered the Highlands Panini, which was corned beef, Swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Thousand Island dressing on wheat (I chose wheat instead of the standard Rye bread). It was pretty good!

Overall, we would recommend the Zookeeper Bistro if you’re ever in Cashiers, North Carolina. The atmosphere was pleasant and the food was pretty good! They had a good looking breakfast menu as well! As we were leaving, I noticed their sanitation rating. Who knew that you could even get over 100?!

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