University Grill in Fort Myers, Florida

University Grill

What you see in this picture is the one solitary dish that keeps my family coming back for more at University Grill in Fort Myers, Florida.  It is the baked cod, and it is oh so delicious!  Succulent white cod baked in a Ritz cracker crust topped with creamy sauce that I am having a hard time describing for you because it’s the perfect blend of fresh (lemon, maybe?) and savory.

Topped with fresh herbs and served with garlic mashed potatoes.  This dish is so good, my parents and Mister Spice all ordered it on our second night eating here while on summer vacation:

University Grill

In fact, the ONLY reason I didn’t order it again was because they had a special Italian chef that night who was serving up chicken piccata, which sounded so good and was definitely worth it!  Plus, I got to have a bite or two of Mister Spice’s baked cod.

University Grill

University Grill isn’t located on or near the beach in Fort Myers, but business is steady.  The restaurant offers a sports bar but it’s primarily casual dining with a fine menu.  If you’re ever in Fort Myers, be sure to check it out and ask for the baked cod.  You won’t regret it!

University Grill University Grill

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