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Sister’s Sweet Potato Casserole

Everyone has his/her favorite Thanksgiving dish, and while my dad’s deep-fried, cajun-seasoned turkey is heavenly, I do love a good sweet potato casserole.  For this Thanksgiving, I switched up my usual sweet potato casserole and tried a version found in Southern Living.  Usually, I don’t like anything crunchy on my casserole (certainly no nuts; I HATE NUTS!), but this casserole has both marshmallows and a brown sugar-cornflake mixture.

Recipe Ingredients (for sweet potato mixture):

  • about 5 lbs of sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili


Recently, Herb and I received our first ever Crock Pot at one of our wedding showers! We are very excited about finding and trying new slow cooker recipes.

Sweet Potato Fries


We love sweet potato fries! It seems like sweet potato fries have really caught on in the past couple of years. Even Burger King offers them as an alternative to regular french fries! Sweet potatoes are naturally packed with flavor and don’t need much to be added to make them into delicious fries!

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