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Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili



I don’t know what the weather has been doing in your neck of the woods, but around Northeast Tennessee, it has been going back and forth between 70 degrees one week and 30 the next.  Confusing and frustrating, to say the least.  However, on those 30 degree days, it is awfully nice to hunker down with a hearty, comforting meal like this Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili!  Easy to whip up, super healthy, and makes for some fabulous leftovers!

Balsamic Sweet Potato Pasta

Balsamic Sweet Potato Pasta Recipe


It’s Meatless Monday! Herb and I don’t always stick to this, but we do make an effort to have at least 1 meatless meal a week, and we like to do it on Monday so we can exclaim that it’s Meatless Monday. My friend Lindsay at Vegan Yumminess would be proud!

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas


I love different versions of enchiladas.  Throw some good stuff into a tortilla, smother it in sauce and cheese, and voila! Lots of deliciousness ensues.  Now, Mister Spice and I usually have some kind of poultry or beef for dinner every night, so I am constantly looking for yummy, hearty, meatless recipes that Mister Spice will enjoy.  This is one of those recipes!

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