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King of the Roll Sushi in Portland, Maine

King of the Roll Sushi, Portland, Maine


Though we are by no means sushi experts, Herb and I are both HUGE sushi fans! Where we live, there aren’t that many great options for sushi, so we always jump at the opportunity to go to a sushi restaurant when we’re traveling.

The Dillard House

The Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia

In Dillard, Georgia, not very far from the North Carolina border, is a wonderful place called The Dillard House.

The Dillard House is a delicious restaurant (the topic of this post), but it is also so much more. There are rooms, suites, cottages, chalets, beautiful views of the countryside, and horses, goats, and other animals that roam nearby.

Zookeeper Bistro


Restaurant Review of Zookeeper Bistro in Cashiers, North Carolina

On our recent family trip to Highlands, North Carolina, we stopped in a little town called Cashiers along the way. It was a small town but very quaint and friendly. After browsing in an antique store and a farmer’s market, we decided to have a late lunch at the Zookeeper Bistro.

Cyprus Restaurant


Our family recently took a weekend trip to Highlands, North Carolina. Highlands is a very cute and small mountain town. The downtown area is only about two blocks, but is filled with great one-of-a-kind shops and stores. There aren’t really any chain hotels, restaurants, or stores in the area, which we very much appreciated.

Harvest Table Restaurant


Restaurant Review of the Harvest Table Restaurant

Tucked away in the tiny town of Meadowview, Virginia is a wonderful farm-to-table restaurant that is appropriately named the Harvest Table Restaurant. Everything served at the restaurant is fresh, delicious, and truly local, from the vegetables and meats to the wine and beer. Even the seafood is regionally harvested from the Virginia and Carolina shores.

Heartwood Restaurant

Review of Heartwood Restaurant

A great new place has come to Abingdon, Virginia – Heartwood Artisan Gateway. Heartwood is several great things wrapped into one location: an Appalachian cultural center where local artists can display and sell their crafts, an event venue where regional musicians can share their music, a great restaurant using local meat and produce, and a coffee and wine bar providing regional beverages. The building itself is beautiful and unique architecturally and functionally.

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