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Chicken Taco Soup


Chicken Taco Soup Recipe


Don’t you just love your crock pot? You can’t tell me I’m the only one! What could be better than throwing some ingredients in a slow cooker and returning several hours later to a delicious warm meal?

Shortcut Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Shortcut Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Recipe


Want something yummy that you can whip up in 30 minutes on a Monday (or any day, for that matter?) Here’s the perfect recipe for you. This is a regular for Herb and I when we want a yummy meal without a lot of work, which is perfect for Mondays!

Shortcut Asian Teriyaki Chicken and Rice



This recipe has become somewhat of a staple in the Herb household for a quick and easy meal all in one skillet. There are only a few ingredients involved, and they are items that I’ve learned to keep in the kitchen for us so we can whip this up in a hurry!

Chicken Marsala IV


This chicken Marsala recipe is the fourth and final recipe in our very first recipe comparison! Wow, did we end with a good one!

Chicken Marsala III


Chicken Marsala, how we love thee. This is our third attempt at this wonderful dish. I must say, we’re getting pretty good at this! I suppose it never hurts being able to whip up one of your family’s favorite recipes in a jiffy, eh?

Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Bell Peppers


Most of the time, I do the cooking while Herb assists me and takes gorgeous pictures. However, he does occasionally take it upon himself to pick out a recipe and make it himself! He told me a few days ago that he wanted to fix dinner for us, and that I could help if I wanted to, or just kick back and relax.

Pasta with Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes I


Here’s the deal: Herb loves sun-dried tomatoes almost as much as he loves peanut butter. That’s really saying something! So we keep sun-dried tomatoes in our house at all times. We eat them on salads, in pasta dishes, and he’ll even eat them plain straight out of the bag!

Chicken Marsala II


This is our second attempt at chicken Marsala (thus the extremely innovative title of chicken Marsala II!) This delicious version of the dish is adapted from Giada’s Chicken with Mustard Mascarpone Marsala Sauce. What a mouthful (pun intended!)

Breaded Ranch Chicken

Breaded ranch chicken tenders recipe


This recipe is a family favorite of ours that we took from a church cookbook. It’s a very simple and inexpensive main dish. There are several ways that you can tweak it depending on the ingredients you have on hand with great results (notice all the ‘OR’s in the recipe!).

Chicken Marsala I


Mmm, chicken Marsala! One of our family’s favorite dishes to order at almost any good Italian restaurant. There’s just something about the combination of fresh mushrooms, garlic, and rich Marsala wine that just tickles the taste buds just right!

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