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Pesto Chicken Penne

pesto chicken penne


Are you a pesto fan?  I had never had pesto until I was in college, and I fell in love with it! I’ve had lots of different types of pesto (with pine nuts, without pine nuts, etc) and I typically like it all.  This recipe, adapted from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish, whips up an easy pesto on top of some chicken and whole wheat pasta for a quick and nutritious meal.

Herb’s Bruschetta


One Saturday recently I took my Nana to the local farmer’s market to get some fresh veggies. Tomatoes were in abundance, so I purchased a few, not entirely sure what I would use them for. Then the idea of a simple bruschetta recipe came to me – putting the tomatoes with some of our fresh garden basil and cheese on toast! Sounds like a great lunch to me!

Summer Pasta


Even though Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd this year, in my eyes, Fall always begins on September 1st. This is when I think it’s socially acceptable to start decorating in those wonderful Autumn colors and eating all things pumpkin! So if this is true, then August 31st is sort of the last day of summer.

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