Shew…Reminder to Always Back Up your Work!

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If you tried to visit HerbOnHerbs the past few weeks, you probably noticed that our site went down.

Thankfully, we were able to get the site back up and running. But WOW that was scary!

So just a reminder to all you fellow bloggers out there, make sure your site is backed up and that you put security measures in place to protect all your hard work!

One of the best tools out there to stay backed up is very easy to install.  It’s called Vaultpress and it is included with the jetpack plugin.  The vaultpress plugin will automatically backup and secure your site.  The plugin starts at $5/month or $55/year (there is a little bit of savings bulit in if you commit to a year which each plan) but trust me – it is well worth it!

Here are a few sites that have helped us get back on our feet:

Articles on What to Do if Your Site is Hacked

Articles on How to Prevent Hacking

We will resume with our regularly scheduled food posts soon. Hope you had a great couple of months!
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4 comments on “Shew…Reminder to Always Back Up your Work!

  1. Wow! So glad you are all up and running again! I’m inspired now to try Vaultpress. Thanks for the reminder to keep everything backed up. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to see you back up and running. How frustrating! We don’t back up our site right now, so I think that is a project for this weekend. Thanks for the links to the fix-it sites!

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