Saturday Throwback: More Summer Memories

Key West

Ah, more summer reminiscing. Last week, Sister Spice posted some old summer pics of the two of us in our younger years. We have sooo many wonderful memories that take place during the summer!

A few years ago (2008 I believe) we left the condo in Fort Myers, Florida to go down and visit Key West for a couple of nights. Our parents and Sister Spice had all been before, but it was my first time visiting the keys. It is a gorgeous drive down through all the keys with beautiful blue water surrounding you most of the way!

One of my favorite memories from Key West is blueberry pancakes. Yes, surprise, surprise: it involves food! If you ever visit Key West, you must go to Blue Heaven!

Herb Family at Blue Heaven in Key West

We went for breakfast two times during our stay, and I got the delicious blueberry pancakes both times. Yum!

Blueberry pancakes at Blue Heaven

As with many places in Key West, the seating is mostly outdoors, and the atmosphere is very laid back. You will probably witness a handful of roosters and perhaps even some baby chicks running around the tables.

Anyway, sometime in your life you should drive down to the southernmost point in the continental United States, Mile 0 in Key West. And then you MUST go eat a delicious breakfast at Blue Heaven. I recommend the blueberry pancakes!

Key West, Mile 0

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4 comments on “Saturday Throwback: More Summer Memories

  1. Holy cow, we love the Keys and may even go there this winter. Thanks for the Blue Heaven tip!

  2. Mannn…I want to go to the Keys. Never been, but hubby and I have talked about taking an anniversary trip down there many times. Maybe in a year or two when Jonathan finishes school and we’ve got more $$ in the bank. 🙂 🙂 Those blueberry pancakes sound dreamy…

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