Saturday – Easter Edition

Happy Day Before Easter!

Mrs. Herb here. We celebrated my birthday allllll week long! For my family celebration, I requested my favorite meal be made, and It. Was. Delicious. The picture above is of my plate! YUM!

My dad made beef tenderloin and fixed some burgundy mushrooms, Nana fixed green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and deviled eggs, and Sister Spice made a wonderful dessert that she shared yesterday- a Chocolate Cream Oreo Pie! It was a fabulous meal. Absolutely perfect. It’s fun when you get to pick your very favorite things!

Chocolate Cream Oreo Pie Recipe

Speaking of love for Oreos, check out Will’s blog at He had some delicious Cookies ‘n Cream Brownies on there earlier this week! You KNOW how much I would love these!

Also if you missed it, check out the Quick Cinnamon Rolls I made earlier this week. Yum!

Anyway, thanks for all the Birthday wishes. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend celebrating the Resurrection of Christ!! Hallelujah – HE’S ALIVE!

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2 comments on “Saturday – Easter Edition

  1. Any chance Nana-Herb will share her roll recipe?

    • Mrs. Herb on said:

      Hahaha I literally laughed out loud at Nana-Herb!!! About the rolls…It’s a secret family recipe…. known as Sister Schubert’s frozen rolls!!!

      Seriously. We’ve used Sister Schubert’s rolls for years. Just brush some melted butter over top of them after you bake them… and YUM! A lot easier than making them from scratch đŸ™‚

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