Mustard Seed Cafe

Restaurant review of the Mustard Seed Cafe in Downtown Kingsport.

My dear friend Mandy, who lives in Denver, Colorado, came home for a few days this week.  Our other friend, Amanda, who is a stay at home mom to the adorable Baby Hudson, and I were able to meet Mandy for lunch on Thursday.  We wanted to go somewhere new and somewhere that was NOT part of a chain.  We’d heard good things about Mustard Seed Cafe in downtown Kingsport, so that’s where we went, and I’m so glad we did!  I didn’t have a camera with me, so I snapped some pics with my phone.

The weather was nice enough to sit outside, but we ventured inside to check everything out.

Inside, there was an enormous coffee and dessert bar (only a portion shown here).

However, we chose to sit at a table and have our orders taken. I ordered a large portion of tomtato basil soup, and large it was!  There was probably enough for four people in this one bowl.  It came with some saltines and a blueberry muffin.  It was some of the best tomato basil soup I’ve ever had!

Mandy ordered a house salad with a slice of tomato pie quiche.  She loved it all, though she admitted she would’ve preferred less cheese and more tomatoes in her quiche.

Amanda had a house salad as well but with a scoop of tuna salad.  Considering she cleaned her plate, I think she liked it all!

Overall, I really loved this cafe.  They had a large menu, and I couldn’t resist ordering a piece of cranberry chicken quiche to go; I had it for dinner that night and ate every bite!  In fact, I believe I shall make some myself sometime and, of course, post about it on here. 🙂  The cafe was crowded, which was a testament to how popular it is.  The atmosphere was very friendly and service was excellent.  Prices were beyond reasonable; I got the huge bowl of soup and the slice of quiche for less than $9.00.  Head to downtown Kingsport and visit them!

~Sister Spice

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One comment on “Mustard Seed Cafe

  1. I’ll have to tell my brother and sister-in-law about this place!! They would love this!

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