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1500 days

Mrs. Herb here!

Today I’m taking a break from sharing a recipe with you. Instead, you should check out a guest post that I wrote on saving money by cooking at home. My blogger friends, The 1500s, over at have a great personal finance blog that I would recommend to anyone.

And what better reason to visit them right now than to see an article written by yours truly??

So take a few minutes out of your day today and head on over to!

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2 comments on “Mrs. Herb on food and finance

  1. I read your post and LOVED it! Hubby and I go out to eat probably once every other month, partly because we always have tons of food at home (food blog!) and partly because we are too poor/cheap to go out, and partly because we now have a toddler that makes eating out less than enjoyable. 🙂 Now, I can relish the fact that we are saving ridiculous amounts of $$ by staying home! LOVE it!

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