Mayfel’s in Asheville, North Carolina

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So, after last Friday’s pig-out session at Salsa’s, Mister Spice and I lazed around Asheville Saturday morning and decided on brunch at Mayfel’s.  My friend Jennifer recommended this restaurant to me, and I’m glad she did!

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It’s just down the street from the wonderful Tupelo Honey, and thankfully, at 10:30 on Saturday morning, the wait was not very long.

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In the summer, customers can dine outdoors under the black and white striped awnings; during the winter, heaters are placed in this space to keep customers warm while they wait on a table inside.

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This New Orlean’s themed restaurant is not very big, but it is colorful, casual, and quirky.

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They serve breakfast all day, and even though they have a “Crab Cake Burger” that sounded amazing to me, seeing people around us with breakfasty-food was too tempting.  We ended up splitting a half order of Beignets (just $3.00 for four of them!) and I savored every bite alongside a glorious cup of coffee with farm fresh cream.

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I ordered the Hillbilly Breakfast, which was really quite safe and traditional but was simply AMAZING!  I had previously thought that my favorite breakfast EVER was found at Early Girl, great another Asheville eatery, but this was fabulous.  Scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, a fluffy, buttery biscuit with farm fresh gravy, and the BEST, I repeat, the BEST home fries I’ve ever had in my life!

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Mister Spice got the Asheville Scrambler, which was basically like an egg and veggie hash with two pieces of veggie sausage (delicious!) and some whole wheat toast.

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This restaurant is sheer Heaven and truly one of the most reasonably priced places in the area.  I cannot wait to go back for lunch or dinner, even though I know I will find myself tempted to order breakfast again.  🙂  Mayfel’s easily earns 5/5 herbs!

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