Herb got a makeover!



If you’ve been following our blog at all, you may notice that we have given HerbOnHerbs a bit of a makeover with a new header! This was all Mr. Herb’s work, and I think it looks pretty good!

He’s also been looking into updating our theme and a few other things, so you may see some more changes in the future.

What do you all think??? Comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! If you’re still on the lookout for a Valentine-themed recipe, let me suggest the delicious Red Velvet Brownies or Blackberry Cupcakes!

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2 comments on “Herb got a makeover!

  1. I LOVE your new leader! Great work! I need to work on making some major changes to my theme on Vegan Yumminess as well. You’re motivating me to figure out how to make picture collages without InDesign…since I’m too poor to buy it right now. LOL. Don’t you hate it when you have expensive taste without the budget? 😉

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