Happy One Year Blogiversary to HerbOnHerbs!

Happy Blogiversary

HerbOnHerbs turns one year old today!!!

It was July 25th, 2012 when Herb planned to be in charge of dinner for the two of us in honor of our one year anniversary (when he had officially asked me to be his girlfriend the year before). He came over all dressed up and carrying some groceries, stating that he wanted us to make Chicken Marsala together. Of course, I thought this was a fabulous idea. But he also had other plans.

He said, “I think we should try to photograph it and make a blog post.” We had tossed around the idea of a food blog before, but I never really took it seriously. I thought it sounded fun, but I honestly didn’t know if we had it in us, and I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. Herb assured me that it would be easy to figure out, and we might as well try putting together a few blog posts of recipes and see if we liked it.

So we began working on the Chicken Marsala recipe that he had picked out, photographing each step of the process. We made a great team, because I really just wanted to make the food and Herb, being a photographer, enjoyed photographing everything.

Chicken Marsala Recipe

Our first blog post and very first food photographs

After the first post, we were hooked. That week we were fired up to keep creating blog posts, and we made and photographed breaded ranch chicken tenders, chocolate meringue pie, and snickerdoodle cookies.

Herb had some web experience already with his own wedding photography website, so he was able to do all the technical stuff and help me to learn as well. Before we knew it, we had several weeks worth of posts! At that point, we hadn’t told very many people about our blog and we hadn’t really made it “public”. Sometime in September, Sister Spice decided to join us and become part of the HerbOnHerbs team!

On October 1st, we shared the site with the world, which was pretty exciting! Since then, we’ve been continuing to grow and build the blog. We’ve learned SO much over the past year, and we’ve definitely improved the website and the food photography. It has been frustrating at times, but we’ve managed to work out the kinks and develop a pretty good rhythm as far as our posting schedule and all the other intricacies of running a food blog.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own great food blog, I would say GO FOR IT. What have you got to lose?! It doesn’t require much money (less than 50 bucks, really), so your main investment is your time. Check out our food blogger resource page to see how we brought our food blog from an idea to where we are now.

I’m very thankful that Herb pushed us to begin HerbOnHerbs. Happy One Year Blogiversary to us, and here’s to many more years of deliciousness!

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2 comments on “Happy One Year Blogiversary to HerbOnHerbs!

  1. Congrats on 1 year!!! I look forward to many more recipes in your future 🙂

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