Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up tomorrow, I thought it was only appropriate to post this vintage photo of Mrs. Herb, me, and our awesome dad, taken years ago while on vacation in Fort Myers, Florida.  We are very blessed to have an awesome dad.  He taught me to play baseball, shoot a basketball, drive a car, and, honestly, to cook!  Dad loves to cook and is quite good at it.

My favorite childhood memory with my dad would be fishing on Sanibel Island, Florida, every summer.  When I was about 7, he started getting me up before dawn.  We’d drive to the bait shop, buy a load of fresh shrimp for bait, and the sun would just be rising as we pulled into the parking lot of the beach.  The fishing spot was a little dangerous:  a rough, rocky jetty sticking out into the water.  He would help me climb the rocks out to the end and I’d find just the perfect one on which to sit.  Then, he would go back to the car and single-highhandedly bring back the fishing poles, bait bucket, tackle box, etc.  He would, of course, bait my hook (and to this day, even though I know how, he will graciously bait it for me!) and we’d cast our lines.  I loved sitting there in the cool, salty morning breeze, eyes scouring the horizon for dolphins and manatees.  Breakfast often consisted of dried Fruit Loops and cookies, and I can remember “washing our hands” with the Windex and paper towels he kept in the car.  Ahh, the good ol’ days…

I hope that all of you have a positive father figure in your life, and I know Mrs. Herb and I feel so grateful to have had not only a great dad, but great fathers-in-law wonderful grandfathers.  Be sure to celebrate them this day and everyday!

Father's Day

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One comment on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. What a nice tribute! Give him a hug this weekend.

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