20 Questions with The Cooking Actress

There are cooks who act and there are actresses who cook, and Kayle over at The Cooking Actress is the latter!  I stumbled across her fun blog a few months ago and immediately fell in love with her yummy recipes and bubbly personality.

The Cooking Actress

HerbonHerbs asked her to join in our 20 Questions fun, and here is what she came up with:

-Tell us about your blog and why it’s great

My blog is “The Cooking Actress“-which is named such because I’m an actress and I love whipping up crave-worthy food! My blog is all about food that tastes delicious. Point blank. End o story. Food that makes you happy and feel good, that’s what life is all about!

-What is your favorite food/recipe? Least favorite?

Ahhh that’s a tough one. I love Italian food. I love sweets (chocolate and cookies primarily). Bread. Steak. Potatoes. All that good stuff. I’m also very picky and dislike a lot of foods: I don’t do entrails, brains, etc. I also hate seafood of all kinds, and most green veggies. And spicy food (and most ethnic foods).

-What is the first recipe you learned how to fix?

Ah! Oh my. That wasn’t from a box? Probably one of the first was before I went away to school my mom taught me my grandma’s recipe for what we call “oil pasta” (or linguine con aglio e olio d’oliva: Linguine with garlic and olive oil). You cook olive oil and garlic and pour it over linguine. It’s not even really a recipe but it’s on the blog! Lol

-Who taught you how to cook?

Food blogs. Seriously. I grew up with a mom who, while amazing, mostly made food from boxed mixes and frozen things. My paternal grandmother did cook a lot, and I loved to watch her-but I never really learned most of it (I’m still working on getting the secrets from her!). I really got into cooking after I discovered, and fell in love with, reading food blogs.

-What food/recipe still seems daunting to you?

Macaroons. They’re terrifying. Also, croissants-they seem like a lot of work and also the vast amounts of butter is sort of scary.

-What is your spouse’s/family’s favorite meal that you cook?

Hmm a toughie. The boyfriend likes most things I make. One of our definite favorites is the Just Chicken Pot Pie, and on the sweet side I always have a batch of Easy (No Ice Cream Maker) 2+ Ingredient Ice Cream for him in the freezer.

-Tell us about a kitchen disaster or recipe mishap

Ahhh those are THE WORST! I know once I tried a recipe for mac n cheese that cooked in the milk and I just ended up with soggy, water logged noodles that fully fell apart. It was a bummer. Or another time I made chicken that had a recipe that called for WAY too much parsley. That was before I’d really gotten into cooking, now I’d know better than to add so much.

-Who is your favorite celebrity chef?

I actually don’t really have one? I’m so weird I don’t really follow that stuff.

Who is your favorite food blogger?

THIS I follow. And it’s so hard to pick! I’d have to say I’ve always felt a very strong pull towards Jessica of How Sweet It Is. She’s just SO hilarious and fun and entertaining, you feel like you’re gal pals when you read her blog. Plus: I’ve made like a bjillion of her amazing recipes.

-What is your day job?

I’m an actor, so yeah, there’s that. My actual day jobs include promotional modeling and babysitting, right now.

-If you could cook/bake all day instead of your day job, would you?

If I could just cook/bake and act I’d be happy.

-What is your favorite restaurant?

Cannot pick. Impossible. I live in NYC, so many options!

-If you were going to open up a restaurant or bakery, what kind of place would it be?  What would you call it?

It would be a very tiny little bakery that was bright and warm and happy and fun! I’d really want people to feel very blissful and comfortable, and to be able to have yummy treats. But I’d def. want it to be super small because I would hate having to bake in mass quantities. And I have 0 clue what I’d call it!

 -If you had your own cooking show, what would you call it?

Kayle’s Cooking? Too obvious?

-What is your favorite part about food blogging? Least favorite?

I love the actual food, of course. And I adore the community, I’ve made so many wonderful friends! My only least favorite thing is I feel like I have to devote so much time to it, or the random troll-y people.

-What is something (food or blog related) that you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet?

Meet ALL of my wonderful blog friends!

-White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate! I used to be a milk chocolate girl all the way, but then I intentionally started to try to eat more dark since it’s better for you and now I prefer it!

-Comfort food of choice?

All my foods are comfort foods 😀 But I mean chocolate or cookie dough probs.

-Sweet or savory?

Depends on my mood, I need both!

-What is your favorite herb?

Hmmm, possibly basil or chives.


I loved reading through these answers, and I am certainly going to check out Kayle’s favorite blogger at How Sweet It Is.  Thanks Kayle for participating!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! I love it!

    • Mrs. Herb on said:

      Thank YOU for participating- I enjoyed reading your answers! I find it interesting that other Food Lovers and Food Bloggers are picky too (like Sister Spice). Also incredible that you are pretty much self-taught from other food blogs!

  2. Hahaha – Kayle’s Cooking, I love it!

  3. I love Kayle and her blog! It was so interesting to learn more about her.

  4. How fun is this~ Nice to meet you, Kayle!

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