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Mummy Dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! Herb and I are going to a Halloween party tonight, and we decided to bring MUMMY DOGS! So fun. I found the idea on pinterest. This would be a fun way to get your kids involved in the baking as well – let them “wrap” the hot dogs in the crescent roll strips!

Watermelon, Avocado, and Cucumber Salad

Watermelon, Avocado, and Cucumber Salad Recipe


At first glance, watermelon, avocado and cucumber may sound like a strange combination for a salad. But trust me. This is delicious.

This would be a great side to take to a summer cookout or party. It’s probably good to have something healthy with all those burgers, hot dogs and desserts, right?!

Cookout Season: Saturday Edition


What you see here is the view from my parents’ back porch here in Northeast Tennessee.  I spent 24 summers enjoying this back yard, taking in the brilliant blue sky and the shade from the beautiful maple trees over the back porch.  In high school, my friends would come over for a game of backyard volleyball, followed by some marshmallow roasting in my dad’s fire pit.  Through college and to the present day, we have a cookout here for just about every occasion.  We are cookout fanatics.

Summer Orzo Salad

Summer Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe


Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and that means it’s cookout season!  One of my favorite things to bring to a cookout is pasta salad, and with my recent obsession with orzo, I thought orzo would be a nice change from the typical corkscrew noodles that are usually used in pasta salads.

Cranberry Blueberry Muffins

Cranberry Blueberry Muffin Recipe


Ah, the muffin. Cherished food for breakfast, snacks, and dessert. I especially like to bake muffins when I’m baking for a crowd, like when I’m bringing food to share with my Sunday school class. Muffins don’t require utensils so that cleanup is easy, and they are already made for individual servings!

Broccoli Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes

Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe



This is a recipe that Herb and I use often. We love it because twice baked potatoes are so versatile – they are great made with a variety of ingredients from veggies to meats to cheeses. It’s easy to mix it up! Though broccoli cheese is usually what we use in our twice baked potatoes, we’ve also added red peppers, mushrooms, different cheeses (Parmesan is great), and even ground beef.

Easy Crock Pot Queso



This is another great go-to recipe for parties! This year we brought it to a Super Bowl party and a fun game night with friends.  It was a hit! We served this meaty queso with tortilla chips, but we also found ourselves dipping chicken tenders and other things in this because it’s so good!

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe


Grab your slow cooker and prepare for some delicious, cheesy comfort food!

So here it is, March 5th, and we are potentially getting ready to see the most snow we’ve seen all winter here via Winter Storm Saturn! I must say, I’m ready for spring and warm weather, but I do loooooove me some snow, so I’m actually quite excited!

Cream of Chicken Substitute

Cream of Chicken Substitue Recipe


I would love to have the time, money, and self-discipline to eat nothing but all natural, whole foods…but in reality, I just can’t do it. I try to get recommended organic food (especially meats, certain fruits, and dairy products) and my husband and I both think that checking ingredients is very important. If the ingredients are few and easy to pronounce, then we’re usually confident. Therefore, I have been getting a little weirded out by cream of ANYTHING soups.

Shortcut Asian Green Beans

Shortcut Asian Green Beans Recipe

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