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Mrs. Herb on food and finance

1500 days

Mrs. Herb here!

Today I’m taking a break from sharing a recipe with you. Instead, you should check out a guest post that I wrote on saving money by cooking at home. My blogger friends, The 1500s, over at have a great personal finance blog that I would recommend to anyone.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up tomorrow, I thought it was only appropriate to post this vintage photo of Mrs. Herb, me, and our awesome dad, taken years ago while on vacation in Fort Myers, Florida.  We are very blessed to have an awesome dad.  He taught me to play baseball, shoot a basketball, drive a car, and, honestly, to cook!  Dad loves to cook and is quite good at it.

Happy Birthday to The Southernmost Gentleman!

Jonathan Lester, founder of The Southernmost Gentleman

Today we take a break from our food posts to give a shout out to our good friend, Jonathan Lester. Jonathan and I have been good friends for years, attending high school together as well as being in the same youth group at our church. He is an amazing guy, and today happens to be his 25th birthday!

Saturday – House Party Edition

Fancy Feast

Have you heard of yet? It’s pretty cool. Basically, different companies sponsor YOU to throw a houseparty using some of their products (for free!) You apply online through the website to host a party that sounds interesting to you. If accepted, House Party will send you some free related items and ideas for games and such to have at your party. It’s pretty neat!

Saturday – Memorial Day Edition

For Sister Spice, Mister Spice, and our mom (mommy Herb?) school is out! Memorial Day weekend is here already!

Saturday – Bahamas Edition


Mr. Herb and I spent this past week on our very first cruise to the Bahamas! It was a lot of fun! We got to visit Ardastra Gardens and Zoo in Nassau, chill out in a hammock on the beach, swim in the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean, and take a bicycle tour of Freeport. Yay for vacation!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s 58th birthday.  This is the man who taught me how to fish, shoot a basketball, hit a baseball, and who has provided for me for all of my 27 years on Earth.  Normally, Mrs. Herb and I would probably fix him a Butterscotch Pie but we celebrated by eating at Carrabba’s instead.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Saturday – Vacation is Soon!

This is in my near future! Well, something similar, anyway. Mr. Herb and I are going on a cruise at the end of next week!

Boston Strong

Boston, MA

In the summer of 2010, for our one-year wedding anniversary, Mister Spice and I took a two-week road trip that began in Washington, D.C. and ended in Boston, MA.  We LOVED everything about Boston, from the baseball…

Fenway Park

Fenway Park

to the red line self-guided historical tour.

Saturday – Tax Day Edition!

Mr. and Mrs. Herb

Mrs. Herb here, and I AM EXCITED! Why, you ask?! Because this is the last Saturday of tax season! You see, when I’m not cooking, baking, and spending time with my wonderful husband and two kitties, I’m working my day job as a tax accountant. So of course, tax season ends this Monday, April 15th, and my life will reach a more slowed, summery pace. And THAT’S why I’m excited!

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