Bocci’s Italian Restaurant in Charleston, SC

Bocci's Italian Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina

Isn’t my Valentine so handsome? Yes, I know we’re a couple of months past Valentine’s Day, but I realized that I never shared Charleston with you! Mr. Herb and I spent this past Valentine’s Day weekend (our first V-Day as a married couple!) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Sister Spice had purchased a Groupon for a 2-night stay on Isle of Palms, and some various circumstances kept them from going on the trip. Mr. Herb and I bought the Groupon from her and had a lovely weekend getaway!

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty chilly that weekend- one waitress told us that it was the coldest weekend they’d had all winter! But we tried to not let that get our spirits down. We had several delicious meals in Charleston, and today I want to share with you Bocci’s – a delicious Italian restaurant.

It was toward the end of our long, chilly Saturday in Charleston, and we were both extremely hungry! We had several places on our list of recommended restaurants from friends, and happened to drive by Bocci’s, which had been recommended by my friend Chelsea. Mr. Herb and I both agreed that Italian food sounded perfect (you know how we love Italian!)

Bocci’s started us off by serving us some delicious Italian bread with garlic butter. I had to force myself not to eat the whole basket of bread before our meal came! Mr. Herb ordered the Chicken Linguine, which was pan seared chicken, spinach, tomatoes and basil tossed with linguine in a delicious white wine lemon garlic sauce. He really liked the dish and appreciated the flavor and freshness of the ingredients.

Bocci's Italian Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina

I ordered the Ravioli Arrabiatta, which was ravioli stuffed with cheese, spinach, and walnuts tossed with spinach and Italian sausage, and covered in a spicy marinara sauce. This dish was full of flavor and the spiciness was just right! Yum!

Bocci's Italian Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina

We give Bocci’s 4.5 out of 5 herbs for great atmosphere and tasty Italian food! If you’re ever visiting Charleston, check it out!

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2 comments on “Bocci’s Italian Restaurant in Charleston, SC

  1. Chelsea on said:

    YUM! This post just made me super hungry. And makes me want to be back in Charleston!

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