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Mr. and Mrs. Herb

Mrs. Herb here. I am (perhaps) the better half of Herb, and one of the writers here at Herb on Herbs. Yes, Herbert is the Mister’s given name, though he doesn’t use it in public. However, his name was part of the inspiration of our food blog, and it seems totally appropriate to refer to him as Herb, which makes me Mrs. Herb!

Herb and I like to cook as often as possible. We are by no means fancy gourmet chefs or even aspiring culinary experts. We have no culinary training whatsoever (unless you count taking a culinary arts class in high school). We are just average folks with day jobs that simply enjoy eating a yummy meal at home as well as the fun and creative process of making the recipes ourselves.

Most of the time we keep it pretty simple, making shortcut meals that feature ordinary, inexpensive ingredients and don’t take a lot of time to make. However, we occasionally branch out to do a bit of a schfancier recipe (fancier for us!) that is more time consuming or perhaps requires a few ingredients that aren’t items we normally keep on hand.

We also like to compare recipes, where we take a dish that we love and compare different versions of that recipe to discover the best one.

In addition, we will be sharing some of our favorite restaurant experiences with you. These WILL NOT be from chain restaurants such as your local Applebees. We find it much more fun and interesting to eat at one-of-a-kind restaurants. Granted, most of these places will be from close to home – The Appalachian Mountains. However, we do travel a few times a year and will be able to share what we discover when we’re away from home.

My sister, Sister Spice, and I will be doing most of the cooking and writing. Herb will be providing the beautiful photography for my posts, making the website fun and functional, and serving as a taste tester (such a rough job!)

You can learn more about me in my 20 questions interview.

We hope you enjoy the recipes and can find some value in our experiences with food, life, and fun!

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Sister Spice!

Hello all! Since Mr. and Mrs. Herb are my sister and brother-in-law, and as a high-school English teacher I love alliteration, I figured it’s only appropriate to deem myself “Sister Spice”, though, ironically, it is Mrs. Herb and not I who likes spicy food so much.  In fact, my food journey through life has been a tough one.  Growing up, I was extremely picky, to the point that my exasperated parents filmed me throwing temper tantrums when they tried to get me to take one bite, just ONE bite of anything that wasn’t cottage cheese, hot dogs, or chicken nuggets.  Embarrassing and shameful, I tell ya.

My sweet Papaw would even offer to pay me $50.00 to eat one green bean.  I never accepted that offer (though I LOVE green beans now!)

Shew.  I’ve come a long way!  I now eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods, and you couldn’t PAY me enough money to eat a chicken nugget. Gross!

My husband of three years will gladly tell anyone that one of the things he loves most about me is my cooking, and that makes me feel pretty good.  Poor thing, though, still doesn’t get to eat some of his favorite foods (meatloaf, broccoli, or anything with nuts) because I am still a bit on the picky side and cannot even stomach the thought of these foods.  However, I do enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes when my busy schedule allows me to do so.  Just as Mrs. Herb stated in her biographical post, I am nowhere close to a gourmet chef or aspiring culinary artist.  I just like to eat yummy food.

“Mr. Spice” and I also enjoy sampling the dishes at interesting eateries in the area, so I will be providing posts about one-of-a-kind restaurants as well.

More: 20 questions with Sister Spice!

You can contact me by using the form below!

I hope you enjoy the posts, recipes, and restaurant reviews on our site!

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