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20 Questions with Will from Junior High Foodie

Will from Junior High Foodie

Will is an up and coming food blogger who, as his name suggests, is in junior high! He has a ton of fun personality that comes through in his blog posts, and he is already super talented! If he keeps this up, he is going to be one successful fellow! Learn a little bit more about Will below, and be sure to visit his food blog at Junior High Foodie!

20 Questions with Taylor Ellingson from Greens and Chocolate!

Taylor Ellingson

Hey!  It’s time yet again for another 20 Questions post, this time from the lovely Taylor Ellingson over at Greens and Chocolate.  This is one beautiful blog, from the layout to the photos Taylor takes!  Her recipes are healthy but tasty and, well, I’ll let her tell you a little more about herself:

20 Questions with Nicole Lisson from Young, Broke, and Hungry

Nicole Lisson

It’s time yet again for another interview with a fun, featured blogger!  I stumbled across Nicole’s blog Young, Broke, and Hungry a few months ago and became an instant fan!  Her blog title is self-explanatory, and I’ll let her fill you in on the rest!

20 Questions with Lindsay from Vegan Yumminess

Lindsay from Vegan Yumminess

Hello! We have another fun interview for you today. Lindsay, a fellow food blogger, shares her delicious vegan recipes over at Vegan Yumminess. Take it away, Lindsay!

20 Questions with Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine

Becky at Olives 'n' Wine

Hi! I’m Becky from over at Olives ‘n’ Wine – a blog where I share my passion for keeping a balanced life through eating well, tasting great wine, staying active, and traveling to new places – and I’m excited to be participating in the Herb on Herbs Food Blogger Survey! 🙂

20 Questions with The Cooking Actress

There are cooks who act and there are actresses who cook, and Kayle over at The Cooking Actress is the latter!  I stumbled across her fun blog a few months ago and immediately fell in love with her yummy recipes and bubbly personality.

The Cooking Actress

Saturday: 20 Questions With Sister Spice

Sister Spice

Before I say anything else, we here at HerbonHerbs want to give a big shout out to our readers because this week, we reached over 10,000 views!  Woo hoo!  We feel like this is a huge milestone in our blogging journey.  We hope to keep it up!

20 Questions with Mrs. Herb

Mrs. Herb

Today we’re going to play a little game known as 20 questions! I’m sure you’re familiar with it. I thought this would be a fun way to get to know each other better! To be honest, I totally stole this idea from one of my favorite personal finance blogs, 1500 Days and their 10 Questions posts with other personal finance bloggers. I thought it would be fun to do this will fellow food bloggers! So I will start!

Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo Recipe


You may have read in my 20 questions post on Monday that I’m still slightly intimidated by seafood. We just never really fixed it at my house growing up, mainly because my mom and Sister Spice don’t really like fish, although they do enjoy shrimp and some seafood. Anyway, I have vowed to learn to make some good seafood and I thought I would start small – with frozen shrimp.

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Mr. and Mrs. Herb

Mrs. Herb here. I am (perhaps) the better half of Herb, and one of the writers here at Herb on Herbs. Yes, Herbert is the Mister’s given name, though he doesn’t use it in public. However, his name was part of the inspiration of our food blog, and it seems totally appropriate to refer to him as Herb, which makes me Mrs. Herb!

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