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Chocolate and Coffee in Portland, Maine

This past winter, Herb and I had the chance to take a week long trip to Portland, Maine. Why Portland? Well, it was a little bit random for us as we live in Tennessee. But we both love the snow and skiing, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try snowmobiling, and it just seemed like a good place to go for all of those things, which it was!
And boy, did we get the snow! Portland had already had a few big snows before our trip, and the day before we arrived they got an additional 8 or so inches, so there was plenty of snow around for our enjoyment. We bundled up every day of our trip, which included one day of skiing at Sunday River Ski Resort, and one day of snowmobiling (one of my favorite parts of the trip!) about 2 hours west of Portland.
The other days were spent bundled up exploring the streets of Portland. All the cold and snow definitely made us want to curl u with a great cup of coffee! One day, we discovered an awesome little coffee shop – Mornings in Paris Old World Cafe. We each enjoyed warming up with a great cup of coffee, and we also split a delicious piece of crumb cake. It was wonderful!
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