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Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving feast

It’s that time of year again! Time to count your blessings and stuff your face full of turkey. Herb and I are enjoying some time off from work and look forward to seeing our family and eating some yummy food.

Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili



I don’t know what the weather has been doing in your neck of the woods, but around Northeast Tennessee, it has been going back and forth between 70 degrees one week and 30 the next.  Confusing and frustrating, to say the least.  However, on those 30 degree days, it is awfully nice to hunker down with a hearty, comforting meal like this Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili!  Easy to whip up, super healthy, and makes for some fabulous leftovers!

Chocolate and Coffee in Portland, Maine

This past winter, Herb and I had the chance to take a week long trip to Portland, Maine. Why Portland? Well, it was a little bit random for us as we live in Tennessee. But we both love the snow and skiing, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try snowmobiling, and it just seemed like a good place to go for all of those things, which it was!
And boy, did we get the snow! Portland had already had a few big snows before our trip, and the day before we arrived they got an additional 8 or so inches, so there was plenty of snow around for our enjoyment. We bundled up every day of our trip, which included one day of skiing at Sunday River Ski Resort, and one day of snowmobiling (one of my favorite parts of the trip!) about 2 hours west of Portland.
The other days were spent bundled up exploring the streets of Portland. All the cold and snow definitely made us want to curl u with a great cup of coffee! One day, we discovered an awesome little coffee shop – Mornings in Paris Old World Cafe. We each enjoyed warming up with a great cup of coffee, and we also split a delicious piece of crumb cake. It was wonderful!

Saturday – Trophy Edition

Mummy Dogs Halloween Recipe Trophy

You may recall from my recent post that I was making Mummy Dogs  to take to a Halloween party. They were quite a hit! In fact, we won a trophy for Most Creative Dish with them. Not to mention they are quite tasty!

Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween

Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie


Are you surprised that I haven’t yet shared a pumpkin recipe this fall?! Well, you’re just as surprised as I am! But I couldn’t wait much longer. This pumpkin pie recipe is DELICIOUS, and a little different from the normal pumpkin pie out there.

University Grill in Fort Myers, Florida

University Grill

What you see in this picture is the one solitary dish that keeps my family coming back for more at University Grill in Fort Myers, Florida.  It is the baked cod, and it is oh so delicious!  Succulent white cod baked in a Ritz cracker crust topped with creamy sauce that I am having a hard time describing for you because it’s the perfect blend of fresh (lemon, maybe?) and savory.

Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers

Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe


We’ve already shared a couple of stuffed pepper recipes here at HerbOnHerbs including Santa Fe Stuffed Bell Peppers and Chicken and Cream Cheese Stuffed Bell Peppers. One of our favorite things about stuffed peppers is the flexibility with the filling – you could easily add other ingredients (diced vegetables, rice, etc.) to the recipe with good results. You can also mess around with the amount of tomato sauce you use – just add more if you like a saucier filling!

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